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Locks and keys are essential in keeping you and your loved ones safe and your possessions protected. Without them, life would be hard to manage and the security of your home hard to achieve. Think of how many times in a day you use keys and locks without even thinking much about them. This is why you need a locksmith in Green Valley Ranch, CO.

The Danger of Locking Yourself Out

Unfortunately, sometimes locks and keys fail to work as they should, requiring you to hire a locksmith. At one time or another, you have locked yourself out of your house or car, and you know how worrying this can be. If your keys or locks fail to work as they should, you might find yourself in a hostile situation. Your home is your safe place, but only when you are inside.

Getting home at night only to find that you can’t get inside because you lost your keys can be frustrating. It puts you in a vulnerable position that only a skilled and professional locksmith can get you out of. This is where RS Locksmith Services come in to help your situation.

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Why Choose RS Locksmith in Green Valley Ranch, CO?

At RS Locksmith, we are delighted to deliver the exceptional golden national standard for locksmiths. The locksmiths on our team are professionally trained and certified and you can trust us to provide high-quality services. Our pricing strategy is honest and competitive, based on the prevailing market rates.

We also always strive to put our customers first in the delivery of our services. Many residents and businesses have trusted us with the security of their property and vehicles. We have an unrivaled level of customer service and satisfaction.

We are confident that you’ll delight in our local locksmith service that you’ll want to recommend to your friends and family. Call us today at 720-352-5613 to schedule an appointment or find out more. 

Our Services

Our team offers mobile services so that we can meet you wherever you are and where you need us most. Our locksmith services are diverse and include the following:

Green Valley Ranch Residential Locksmith Services

Your home must stay protected at all times to keep your household secure. This is why we strive to ensure your home security measures are up-to-date and useful. We have several years of experience in making residential properties secure. This we do by installing only the most reliable locks from trusted brands.

If any of your home locks are not working correctly or if you’ve lost your keys, talk to us today!

Green Valley Ranch Commercial Locksmith Services

One of the factors you must consider when running a business is the security of the premises. At RS Locksmith, we want you to leave all your security concerns to us. This way, you can give your business all the attention it deserves without worrying about security. We work with clients to build the best security plans that meet their needs. From simple door locks to sophisticated master key systems, we have them all.

We also install biometric and keyless access systems for businesses that want to move away from keys. Visit or call us today for a quote.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Whatever time of day or night you lock yourself out of your house or car, call us.  We are your 24-hour emergency locksmith in Green Valley Ranch, CO. We will ensure a highly trained locksmith expert comes to your location immediately.

Whether it’s your car key that has broken in the ignition or you forgot your house keys in the office, we’re here to help. We have the expertise to open and repair all types of home and car locks without causing any damage.

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Key Replacement

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Have you lost your car or house key and don’t know what to do? Your options vary from trying to contact a dealership to trying to break the lock yourself. Dealerships are reliable and trustworthy, but they’re also expensive. Choosing the DIY approach will cost you almost nothing, but you can’t trust the results if you’re not skilled in that area.

The best option is to call a professional locksmith for key replacement. They provide the middle ground for quality and price. At RS Locksmith, we professionally handle your key replacement needs, whether you’ve lost yours or need a spare one.

If you don’t have the original key, you don’t have to worry. Modern lock and key technologies make it possible for us to make a replacement without having the key that needs replacement. For car keys, we can make a new car using the Vehicle Identification Number after car ownership verification.

Contact us today for key replacement services if you’ve lost any of your keys, or they won’t work properly.

House Lockout

Home or house lockouts are prevalent occurrences. When you find yourself in such a situation, the natural reaction is to panic, but you don’t have to. Many people have experienced this before, and we have helped them get back into their houses safely and in the shortest time possible.

Our locksmiths utilize a wide range of tools to get you back into your house safely. While some techniques like lock picking and jimmying are common, there are lesser-known tools we use.

Don’t allow yourself to stay locked out of your home or car while we can help you. Our mobile locksmiths will come where you are and execute professional and successful services. We can handle deadbolts, doorknobs, latches, levers, sliding doors, and window locks.

Contact us today with all your inquiries and our team will respond to you with all the information you need.

Rekeying Services

Have you thought of upgrading or changing your home locks? You should probably consider rekeying them instead of changing the entire unit. When you rekey, you change the working mechanism of the lock, so that old keys no longer work. This means that you will need a new key to open the lock. In many instances, it makes more sense to rekey a lock than to install a new one. For example, you can rekey all the locks in your house so that they operate with one key.

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Green Valley Ranch Professional Locksmith Near Me

If your search for a locksmith near me has been futile, you’ve finally come to the right place. RS Locksmith in Green Valley Ranch, CO is here to deliver the services you need. Call us today at  720-352-5613 or fill out this contact form to book an appointment or request a quote.

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