Lockly Installation Denver

At R.S Locksmith, we understand the importance of security and convenience for our customers. As your Denver locksmith, we’re excited to introduce our Lockly Installation services, designed to bring the latest in smart lock technology to your doorstep.

Introducing Lockly Smart Locks

Lockly is a leading name in the world of smart door locks, offering advanced features that redefine home and commercial security. With Lockly’s keyless entry and fingerprint access, you can ensure the utmost security while enjoying the convenience of not needing traditional keys.

The Power of Wi-Fi Hub

With Lockly’s WiFi hub, you can take control of your smart lock remotely. It allows you to lock or unlock your door using your smartphone, and it’s even compatible with voice assistants like “Hey Google,” making your home or office smarter than ever.

Commercial Services

Our Lockly Installation Denver services extend beyond residential needs. We offer commercial services, ensuring that businesses in Denver can also benefit from the enhanced security and convenience of Lockly smart locks. Protect your assets and manage access with ease.

About Lockly

Lockly is a Silicon Valley-based company focused on revolutionizing the way we secure homes, offices, and personal items. Our locks feature your finger as a key for primary access whether using our hack-proof patented PIN Genie™ digital touchscreen or biometric fingerprint reader.

Additional conveniences and leading technology like voice assistant control and Offline Access Codes™ that you can share with friends and family make accessing and monitoring any door, from anywhere, more convenient and secure. Lockly’s team of engineers and security experts have spent the past 20+ years designing, manufacturing and patenting the world’s most innovative and secure lock solutions.

Lockly Vision

Lockly Vision is a revolutionary new smart lock plus video doorbell that embodies all of its predecessor’s award-winning features, including hack-proof PIN Genie™ technology, biometric fingerprint reader, offline access codes, and more. With a built-in HD video camera that streams to any iOS or Android mobile device, you will always know who is at your door.

Vision provides unparalleled access, security, and convenience for monitoring any door from anywhere around the world. Meticulously designed with premium materials while integrating the highest level of security, Lockly Vision is the most advanced smart lock on the market today.

Lockly Vision Details

Five Ways To Get In
Access your home, office, or rental property using voice, the Lockly mobile app, an advanced 3D fingerprint reader, an online or offline access code, or a physical new key.

Video Monitoring And Recording
Know who’s at your door with a live camera streaming real-time, high-resolution video to your smartphone. Recordings are stored on the included micro SD memory card making them private and protected.

Greet Guests With 2-Way Audio
Have real-time conversations with anyone who is at the door all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Mobile App and Voice Control
Unlock, lock, or check door status through Lockly’s smartphone app or by simply using your voice through Alexa and Google Assistant.

Grant Access, Even When You’re Not Home
Remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere using the Lockly app.

Your Finger Is Your Key
Lockly’s 3D Biometric fingerprint sensor is unlike other optical readers that can oftentimes be faked through images.

Hack-Proof Digital Keypad
The patented PIN Genie™ touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling PIN number locations.

Send Offline Access Codes To People You Trust
Issue Offline Access Codes™ that do not require users to download an app or have a Wi-Fi or Internet connection to use.

Real-Time Control, Monitoring, And Status
Vision is the only lock in the world that can monitor open/closed door status in real-time and alert you on your smartphone.

The Key to a Safer Tomorrow

Say goodbye to traditional keys and embrace the future of security with R.S Locksmith’s Lockly Installation Denver services. Trust our experienced locksmiths to provide a hassle-free installation and ensure your new Lockly smart lock is functioning perfectly.

Upgrade your security, enjoy keyless entry, and experience the peace of mind that comes with Lockly smart locks. Contact R.S Locksmith today to schedule your Lockly installation and elevate your Denver property’s security to the next level. Your safety is our priority, and with Lockly, we’re raising the bar for what smart locks can do.