Commercial Locksmith Services

No Job is too large or small! Our Aurora locksmiths are trusted professionals. We offer repair services, combination changes, or we can even install a new solution.

Business owners need to protect their interest along with their employees.  Threats come from both external sources as well as internal.  Having the right solution in place for your business is what we provide.  Small business can usually afford to rekey their locks occasionally when they have employees leave.  If you are a larger company, having a more robust system in place to handle the flow of employees may be what you need.

Regardless of the need, we can handle it.  Call us today for any emergency, or set up an appointment with one of our trusted locksmiths to explore all of your options.

Denver Metro Locksmith - Commercial Locksmith Services
Denver Metro Locksmith - Commercial Locksmith - Deadbolt Rekeying Services

Commercial re-keying services.

We can rekey your existing locks if you are worried about lost keys or previous keyholders making copies and keeping them. Whether you want all the locks the same, or a different key for areas requiring specialized access, we got you covered.  Call us today to get your locks rekeyed and protect your investments.

Upgraded Security

Looking to upgrade your security? Business require security to protect their assets from both external and internal threats.  RS Locksmith can explore options from choosing the correct lock for your needs.  We can install any type of lock, including keyed and keyless entry systems that can be managed securely by any trusted individual in your management team. Ensure you are fully protected as we provide ADA and code compliance training for you and your staff. Call us today to get a quote to protect your business.

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Denver Commercial Locksmith - Keyless Entry Systems

Office Buildings - Keyless Entry

Do you have a lot of employees?  High turnaround?  Rekeying locks can be costly, and keypads require employees remembering their number.  Have you thought of using keycards for access?  Keycards are great for keeping track of employees entering and leaving your premises.  Keycards can be quickly deactivated for a terminated employee or programmed for a new employee.

Hotel Key Card Keyless Entry

Do you have a hotel, lodge, or cabins?  Keep from worrying about copied or lost keys and change to a keyless entry system. Keycards can be disabled if lost or stolen.  They can also be quickly reprogrammed between guests to ensure security.  Need to upgrade your current system?  Call us today for a quote!

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